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ok seriously this is REALLY annoying now I reinstalled tasker after reading elsewhere here that THAT could of been the issue. Once reinstalled they came with the normal menus up at the start an one had an example bout running net with the browser in tap browser then net comes on...this was for wifi but I changed it to normal phone data..

and NOTHING works with it....widgetzoidd (plugin) on/off, apn (plugin) on/off, apn (under net setting) pn/off and finally mobile data (under net setting) on/off...

is there something im missing here because this CANT be right..that 4 different ways to get it to connect and NONE work? :|

I was thinking that if I can get the browser to auto come on fine then doing a auto data/auto sync profile will then be easier (as hell trying the suggestions on here and on the tasker wiki site have failed )

so come please?

Originally Posted by MickeyCee View Post
I was experiencing the same issue, then I tried using a plug in called widgetsoid with which Tasker would tell to turn on mobile data for 2 minutes while my other profile would turn on to do the auto syncing for 2 minutes...that worked and it does both every hour on the hour and after two minutes, it turns off mobile data and turns off auto sync.

I turn on my phone around 5 AM and turn if off to charge for the night around 10 PM when I go to bed, generally it still has about 30% left on the battery when I plug in the charger for the night.
just tried that...again...didnt work
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