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Device(s): Why can't I su - ? Oops my phone got no root!
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Originally Posted by Mister H View Post
i've had that happen at least twice. almost resorted to removing the battery, but it came back to life in about a minute.
i don't think there's any valid complaint you can make on that issue as they can always say it was caused by a third party software you've installed.
although, it is impossible not to install third party software on the eve, as even a basic file transfer from your usb cable requires one. rogers does not supply you with any utilities for bluetooth or usb transfer. when i asked their tech support, he told me to use HTCSync for USB and that bluetooth just isn't supported. I was somewhat surprised. why do i need an HTC app to backup my LG phone?
so by standard policy, you could say that rogers directs you to download and install third party software.

incidentally, htcsync doesn't recognize the phone on windows 7 even with the updated lg driver. i haven't tested it on xp and i don't think i will.
it's too bad really, cause i love the display, and would rather keep this phone. i just need a firm commitment that they'll upgrade the firmware.
Yes it's impossible not to install a third party software. Afterall it's a smartphone. It's like saying, buy a computer and just run windows and don't run any other software.
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