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Originally Posted by AJP123 View Post
One more question:
  • I'd like to create an alarm using Tasker similar to the one found here. The standard tasker alarm found at the link works fine. However, I'd like to tweak it so that the snooze interval changes each time, choosing from a random time interval between 1 minute and 1 hour. Does Tasker have random number generators? Also, any chance of choosing a random track from my music library each time?
Originally Posted by Tumeg View Post
3. I do not believe Tasker has a random number generator, but it really should! That is a great idea!
Actually it does. There is the Variable Randomize action. For instance you would use:

Variable Randomize
- Name %MYSNOOZE (name of your chosen variable)
- Min 1 (smallest number to choose - 1 minute)
- Max 60 (greatest number - 60 minutes)

Each time you call this command, it will generate a random integer between Min and Max. Then just use this variable as the amount of time to snooze your alarm.

In your Snooze task, in the Wait command under Minutes, press the rotating arrows button above the plus sign and it allows you to enter a variable name instead of just the number slider.

So you would probably put the Variable Randomize task just before the Wait command in your Snooze task.
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