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Originally Posted by frenzy757 View Post
good that the Xoom works for you. Hulu, Netflix all stream via play on and works great. YOu can also stream movies you have on your computer as well. It is on both the ipad 2 and xoom so I guess its kind of a wash.

To me, if I was going to go back to a non-customizable OS, id go with the playbook. To me, the swiping action on an ipad is not needed...I am swiping just to see more apps? I like swiping through home screens on my xoom...if there is no "homescreen" then I'd rather have QNX.

I sold my ipad 2 for a xoom and I am very happy. Streaming 4 baseball games via on my xoom with flash is just amazing.
I contemplated playon, seriously contemplated it prior to selling my Xoom but I resented paying for two services and having to leave my desktop on in order to do something that SHOULD be native by now. Doesn't it tick you off a little that Android is no longer a new platform yet no one has developed a workable Netflix app yet much less HuluPlus? You are right the swiping motion is stupid on the iPad.
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