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Hi Guys, I'm new here.

Got my Superpad about 3 weeks ago.

When I bought it, I never got a registration key or rather I didn't know I had to get one, cos I was totally new to the TAB world and Android.

Thought never needed to register even though that register button was there. Whenever I pressed it, a message appeared I was using a pirated version. I got the chills at first cos in this part of the world if you are caught you will land in jail, probably for life. I called up the vender and he said it is not required and only needs when updating. Apparantly it is true as I found that out when I swamed the net for help on it. That's that.

So I got down to testing each and every part of the device. I have a Dell M60 and I love it to max. But it is heavy to carry to office. Doing research to get a TAB I found so many TABs beyond my reach. So I turned to the cheaper choise, Chinese

I have to say that todate I don't regret one bit I bought this device. I love it to the bone. And like CameronB, " this thing has iPad for Breakfast"

HDMI - My main reason to buy this was the HDMI port. I had problems finding out how to get it to work, as the after sales support here in UAE SUCKS. The sales guy didn't know squat. I was trying to play the videos off the CCplayer and watch on external TV. It never got off the ground until I used the File Manager and locate the file and play it on the default player, and then press the Menu button. The vender was telling me I was using the wrong cable.

WIFI - had no problem here. Connecting to any WIFI hotspot was a breeze. I tried connecting using MAC address too. There is drawback though when it comes to AD-HOC connections. According to some developers Android does have the capability, but it depends on the device manufacturer to enable it.

3G - this is interesting. This was the other main feature I wanted to test. I already had a dongle which I bought from one of the ISPs here. It's a Huawei E169. When I plugged it in to the top USB port, the settings acknowledged it as a E1750. Then in some forum I read this was so and not to worry about it. Even if I had enbled the 3G device in the settings, it gave a disconnected message. Since the dongle was locked to the ISP's custom settings, I needed to get it unlocked so I could use it with any sim card. I overcame that hurdle thanks to RuchiraBlog! Ruchira Sahans Weblog! ?. still no luck. I read in one of the android forums that it may require to update. So I did the update and walla, I have 3G.

I rooted the device too, quite easily. While updating, the first time it got stuck at the green screen. Then I did a reset and did the update again and was ok. It requires lots of patients to get stuff working on this device. But it pays well to do so.

All Apps I have downloaded so far works fine. Not a fan of games, so can't say much about them. But I like the Office software and Adobe Reader etc...

The update came with the Dolphin Browser. I find it such a cool browser to work on a small device like this.

Somewhat surprising this was when I downloaded the Quick Settings and saw the HW config . The RAM is only 184 MB and not 256 as the vender said. That was a bumer. But the device works well. Plays the animations and video amazingly well. So far all Youtube videos play well without any pauses.

The battery as mentioned in the box, which says 3 hours, lasted 4.5 hours on full brightness and Video playing. Lasted about 8 hours with minimum brightness and networks switched off and just listening to music. It's not the best device to be using on long flights, unless you can charge it inflight

I tried the external HDD and it never worked. But the the USB flash drives work well. As they have adviced in the manual to use popular brands of SD cards, I bought a Nokia 32GB SD card that cost 2/3rd of the cost of the device. But I had no problems with it so far.

The TAB cost me $ 205.00. It came with a nice USB keyboard and pouch thrown in free.
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