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Originally Posted by snrb View Post
They're encrypted and sent directly to google voice. We have no server and receive no traffic. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask if you have more questions or if something isn't clear.
Thank you for answering my questions! I just bought the app and it works much better than my setup with Those crooks deleted my FREE account and demanded a monthly subscription from to restore it. This is going to be such a popular app!

One suggestion for the interface. For answer options, you should let the user know that "always use Groove IP" will use your mobile phone when a data connection is not available. I like that the feature is built in, but I didn't know it would do that until I tried. It could catch some people off guard, and they will end up with huge phone bills. Maybe even provide three options:
  1. Only use mobile.
  2. Only use Groove IP.
  3. Use Groove IP when possible and mobile when not.

Thanks again!

I just noticed that the "Always use Groove IP" option doesn't function with android's built in dialer/contact list on my phone. It only works with Groove IP's contact list. If I dial from the android dialer, it will flash the Groove IP screen and close. When I select "Ask every time", it will provide the options of "Groove IP" and "Mobile Network" and will function correctly.
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