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Originally Posted by Evulution View Post
Lol, everyone knows 3G is super slow. Especially when coming from using Wifi a vast majority of the time. Sprint is ranked #4 out of all the carriers for their 3G speed. I have stayed in a bad "Sprint coverage" area for a month on a trip and my 3G was slow in Mississippi. Everyone uses Verizon in the area I was located but I had Wifi when I got back to the hotel land 3G still would allow me to use navigation driving around so it didn't matter to me.
I disagree, I think 3G is fast enough for most internet applications, maybe a few exceptions like HQ YouTube videos, downloading huge files, etc. Most other applications like Pandora, Navigation, browsing the internet, finding information are all fine with 3G speeds. I find that with this applications, there is little if any difference with wifi.

On the other hand, games like Pocket Legends would benefit from wifi's quicker latency times.

4G speeds is over hyped, most of the time you won't notice the difference and 4G draws a lot more juice from the batteries. I can honestly say that I use 4G less than 1% of the time. Go figure.

As for the OP, if he truly can't get decent 3G coverage where he's at, then I don't blame him switching carriers.

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