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Originally Posted by novox77 View Post

If you assume c/2 comes after evaluating (a+b), you are essentially putting (a+b) in the numerator of your division:

Originally Posted by novox77 View Post

c/2 * (a+b)/1 --> c(a+b)/2
EDIT: quoted wrong part should have used this:
c/2(a+b) can only imply that (a+b) is in the denominator without re-writing the equation.
As soon as you've done this part of your calculation you've assumed the order of operations incorrectly.

Think about it this way, 6 over 2 times 3. This is still written correctly, right?

__ (3) = 18/2 = 9

You would never multiply the (1+2) to the denominator, that would be like buying an iPhone.
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