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Originally Posted by liebezeit View Post
You may want to nab (in the open source sense) some interface code from cSipSimple since they've already figured out a lot of the interface/integration/call screen stuff.
Thanks for the tip. I took a look at their license and it would require me to publish my source code.

Originally Posted by Link_of_Hyrule View Post
Hey thanks for the update I have a request if it's possible could you make it so the screen turns off when i put the phone to my ear like it does when i make normal calls? that would be awesome! Thanks a lot.
Sure, I'll add that to the list.

Originally Posted by Takenover83 View Post
Just purchased it.

I am liking it. I had a issue where the other party could not hear me. I enabled the workaround in Advanced Settings/Troubleshooting (Audio Routing Hack) and that did help. It's actually very clear over EDGE, but also delayed. I am not sure if there is any hope for those of us without 3G/4G. Maybe bandwidth profiles? More robust sip clients often offer a range of codecs. But I think google voice only supports certain codecs. Of-course, it's sounds amazing over wifi, and the delay is hardly noticeable. The popup asking if I want to use Groove IP or Dialer is working fine (when using native dialer). I can tell it still needs some work but it's shaping up very nicely. Well worth the asking price.

You will be getting 5 stars from me, because I can see the issue's will be resolved. I am very happy to cutout the middle man (google voice - sipgate - GV callback = just google voice)
Unfortunately Google Voice only supports G711. We actually almost finished implementing GSM before we realized they didn't support many good ideas abandoned just because they won't work

Can you tell me what phone you have? I'll try and set the routing hack by default for that phone type.
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