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Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
you totally misread what I posted. Cause the part you quoted and said was incorrect is exactly how you would arrive at "9."
Ah yer right sorry, but it was a mistake of quoting the wrong part of your post, not misreading what you said.

Your proof is still wrong though because it rests on the "because it was written this way, I can perform the order of operations this way"

This is what I should have put in the second quote:
c/2(a+b) can only imply that (a+b) is in the denominator without re-writing the equation.
That's where you make an assumption and rewrite the equation yourself.

You're basically saying because there are parenthesis, you can do the multiplication of 2 * (a+b) before c/2 even though that's not how the order of operations work. After the parenthesis, you're supposed to go back to division/multiplication and left->right. x(y) is just another way of writing x*y, it doesnt change the rules
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