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LOL. 2 pages over this?

That answer is 9, could not be anything else. Regardless of how you read it.

I guess you want me to prove it right?

Ok, easy.
6/2 (1+2)= 6/2 is what you do with them. (1+2) is what they are, so....

You have to make a dog house, you have 3 (1 pine +2 fir), six foot long, boards to do it with. Plans say your dog house must be 2 feet tall. The boards are exactly 6 foot long and you must cut them at 2 feet. (6/2=3)

How many boards do you have after you finished cutting them?

1 six foot long board cut at every 2 feet, is exactly 3 boards

You have 3 six foot long boards, after you cut them all you have 9 exactly equal boards. 3x3=9

You can not take 2 feet out of 3 boards equally, which is what the multiplication is telling you, until you know the actually feet of the boards,which is what the division is telling you. The parenthesis make it clear what is the object and what is the operation. Because the operation tells you what to do with the object.

All you have to do is look at it as real things, not just numbers.
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