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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
but the way it is represented... there is an implied reason for the location....

so there is an implied () around the first part = (6) ..
and an implied () around the second part = (2(1+2))..

you can not change what is inside or outside ().

NOTE: that is my interpretation of "implied"... i can be wrong.
is there an expert / professor here that can state the facts?
There is not such thing as "implied" when it comes to mathematics, since it would change the result. Rigor is important in sciences for that precise reason. Also, I consider EarlyMon to be an expert. Well, I also consider myself an expert for many things but that's a whole different story.

Also, both Mathematica (it's the same as Wolfram Alpha) and Maple say 9. Computers can't assume stuff (unless it's coded in ). If you ever start programming (maybe you do), you will truly understand what I mean by that.

PS: Roze, what a disappointment.

EDIT: Wow, I wrote that before EarlyMon had posted again.

EDIT2: Note to self: Using a lot of smiley faces sure doesn't help my credibility.
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