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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Well, if you don't find me expert enough (I'm peer-reviewed published in higher math for signal processing, nuclear reactor stuff, hydrodynamics, and radar among other things, and have lectured on and taught related stuff at the post-grad level), or DaS, another cool guy in the science biz - then just use the wiki info that novox 77 kindly copied:

Similarly, care must be exercised when using the slash ('/') symbol. The string of characters "1/2x" is interpreted by the above conventions as (1/2)x. The contrary interpretation should be written explicitly as 1/(2x).

Substitute (1+2) for x and it's case closed.

ok.. i aint no expert. so i will bow to expert interpretation....

there is no implied () and
if in doubt...
left to right ...

x = 9
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