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Originally Posted by DaSchmarotzer View Post
EDIT: Wow, I wrote that before EarlyMon had posted again.
My reply was turning into another EarlyMon War+Peace special , so I deleted it, hoping you might post the clear path.

Glad I waited!!!

EDIT2: Note to self: Using a lot of smiley faces sure doesn't help my credibility.
Doesn't hurt it any.

Often, information has to be expressed in multiple ways before clarity occurs.

This is true at all times and at all levels.

I once spent a decade solving a single equation - final proof took 30 pages of trig. After lecturing on the results and implications, and engaging in 5 years of feedback, I found while sitting in an airport, pretty smug over the day's lecture, that by considering all arguments for over a decade that the entire matter reduced to a simple progression of merely 4 clear and simple equations.

Illustrating for me for all time the positive need and positive benefit for us all to argue our way through things - you just never can be sure until the process completes how things might end up.

One of the reasons I like the people here.

Multiple people came to the same conclusion, all for the right reason.
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