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Update for G2X Charging Problems / G2X Screen Going Crazy :::::
My wife's G2X is having the same problem...
So now, it's two different phones, purchased at two different times, coming via two different shipments, and both have slightly different softwares installed, making the two phones most likely from 2 different batches entirely.

1) G2X phone charges normally with the original charger.
2) Phone charges normally when connected to a laptop ONLY WHEN THE PROPER DRIVERS ARE DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED (see one of my previous posts in this topic for the link)
3) G2X Phone's screen freaks out a while after reaching 100% charge
4) G2X seems to return to normal after unplugging it (but this overall problem could still possibly damage the phone over time I'm guessing)
5) Problem happens using iPhone charger, and Griffin Block charger with red/green led (and this charger is supposed to notify you that the charge is complete, which makes me think that it supposedly senses when the charge is complete but still doesn't fix the problem.

Observation: LG G2X charger is 4.8 volts instead of 5. I don't know if this is the problem, but I think it's kind of moronish to make a device that charges off USB at a different than standard voltage, unless you are trying to cut a corner or force people into buying your chargers (which I think is moronish BTW too)).

I'm now leaning to the problem being voltage based, unless anyone else has any ideas. If there is a possible way to regulate the voltage internally coming through the usb by making an app (or better yet, if LG makes a software update to autoregulate the voltage within reasonable parameter!), that would be awesome (of course I don't know if that's possible at all since I'm not really that knowledgeable about the inner workings of the device)...

BTW, besides this major annoyance, I love this phone. BUT IT REALLY NEEDS A FIX!
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