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Originally Posted by roc55555 View Post
I am in the process of ending my contract with iphone, and have hated my experience with At&t. I used Talkatone alot over wifi becuz my 3g service sucked. I am looking to switch to a droid phone, and wanted to see if an app like talkatone existed for it, which is how I came across this app.

My question is, will lets say Verizon (who i will be likely moving toward), be willing to offer a data plan WITHOUT a phone plan? Have people heard of this? I would love to be able to use 4g LTE with something like the Thunderbolt and use an app like this for ALL my calls via VoIP. Of course I would port my current phone number to google voice to keep my number active, but how feasible do you guys think this is based on carrier limitations and/or limitations with this groove IP app? Are others of u out there doing anything like this with this type of app, by just purchasing a data plan?
Just talked to Verizon about this a few days ago.

On Verizon you can get a data-only plan(on androids and blackberries) for $55 for unlimited data and they will give you the 2 year contract price on the phone.

You could also get the cheapest voice plan and add data. Which is 450 minutes for $39.99 and add you data for $29.99 so thats $70 and you have a fall back number if your somewhere without 3G. Depends on if you wanna pay and extra $15 a month to have a number you wont hardly use.

Also you can save $10 on the $39.99 voice plan. If your over 65 you can get a plan with 200 minutes and it's $29.99

And you will not get MMS messageson you GV #. Google Voice doesn't support this yet.(hopefully this changes soon)
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