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Default [Guide] How to make a bootable CWM (ClockWorkMod) or TWRP bootable sd card (06-04-2013)

This only works with the B&N Nook Color. If you have a Nook Touch, this will not work.

Should your NC be unable to boot, you should have a cheap sd card devoted to just this task. A 2 or 4 gb micro sd card is cheap, usually well under $10 and makes a nice utility to have around should you need it.

What you'll need to have or buy:
  • Small micro sd card. 1 gb will work.
  • Adapter to plug it into your computer (usb adapter is the cheapest and works the best)

What you'll need to download:

TWRP images use the touch screen instead of volume, power and "n" buttons and can do everything CWM (clockworkmod) recovery does. For more info go here: TeamWin Projects - TWRP 2.5 - | TeamWin

Create your bootable sd card (Windows):
Install WinImage trial version (or Win32 Image Writer) and WinRar, also a trial version. Right-click on the downloaded CWM/TWRP zip file and open the image with WinRar. Click the "test" button to make sure your file is good, then extract the image.

Flashing with WinImage:
WinImage is easiest to install, but more difficult to use.

Plug your micro sd card in your computer, then open WinImage and choose "Restore virtual hard disk image" from the "Disk" menu. A list of available usb drives will pop up. Choose your sd card from the list and click "OK". A browse dialog will appear, prompting you choose your extracted image. From the drop-down menu just above the open & cancel buttons, choose "All files". The file should be named CWM- or TWRP-2.1.8-bootable-SD.img, depending on which one you downloaded. (You want the img files, not the original zip file you extracted it from.)

Flashing with Win32-Image-Writer:
Win32 Image Writer is easiest to use, but doesn't create a shortcut for your use.

Nothing to install with this program, just extract the files and double-click the Win32DiskImager.exe file. Click the blue folder icon and browse for your CWM- or TWRP-2.1.8-bootable-SD.img, depending on which one you downloaded. Under Device, make sure you have your sdcard selected. If you only have one sdcard, this should be no problem. Click the "write" button to write the image.

You should see a progress indicator while flashing your sd card, which will take several minutes. If the disk is in use, you will not be able to copy the image to the card. Close any Windows Explorer windows and try again.

Always try to safely eject the card when done using it. You can right-click on the drive from My Computer or find the "Safely remove hardware" icon by the clock (looks like a usb plug). O/w your card could develop errors.

To create your bootable sd card with a Mac computer: How to burn ISO disc images - Mac OS X Hints

Sdcard adapters:
Some people have had issues trying to flash the image from sdcard slots on their computer. A usb adapter usually works best.

Now what can you do with your new bootable CWM/TWRP sd card?

  • You can flash a rom. Plug it into your computer and copy your rom file to it
  • You can backup your rom. (under "backup and restore" menu.)
  • You can restore a recovery backup, should your new rom never boot.

How to boot into your CWM/TWRP card?
  • Power down your NC.
  • Remove the existing sdcard from your NC.
  • Insert your bootable sdcard and hold your power button until your NC powers on.
  • If you boot into your rom instead of recovery, you didn't properly flash the sdcard. (Were there errors from WinZip?)

How to navigate those CWM recovery menus:
Up/down volume buttons are used to navigate up and down,
press the power button to go back, and
press the "n" button to do the highlighted task.

How to create a CWM backup on the sdcard of your current (stock or custom) rom.
This back will be saved to the sdcard and can only be restored after booting off the sdcard. Each backup will be about 1 gb, so might not fit on a 1 gb card. (Doesn't work with the current images, which are only 300 mb in size.)
  • Boot from the bootable sdcard.
  • Using the volume up/down buttons, choose "Backup/Restore", press "n".
  • Choose "Backup", press "n".
  • Watch for errors. It's normal to see "No sd-ext found. Skipping backup of sd-ext". That is not an error.
  • Eject the sdcard.
  • Choose "reboot system now" and press "n".
  • Your Nook should boot into the current rom

How to restore a backup from your other sdcard while booting from the bootable sdcard?
  • (This is known to work with the CWM sd card, but has not been tested with the TWRP card.)
  • Boot from the bootable sdcard.
  • Before doing anything else, remove the bootable sdcard and insert your normal sdcard (the one that contains your backup).
  • Choose Backup/Restore and restore your backup.
  • When done, choose reboot. There's no need to reinsert the bootable sdcard.
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