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Originally Posted by grammar View Post
The Superpad III is a clone of the iBex Flytouch3 ->

Buyer Beware! Superpad III, Flytouch 4 are NOT Flytouch 3 - Only Clones!!

More people with superpad III have been reporting bugs on that forum than ones with FT3, just so you know the iBex FT3 may be a few dollars more, but it is technically more stable... not to mention the iBex comes in 16gb now...

16gb Flytouch 3 Epad Takes On iPad 2 for Tablet Dominance
You do know that the main distribution point for iBex tablets "************" are also selling the fake clones (http://************.com/superpad-3-android-2-2-froyo-apad---10-3g-flash-10-1-tablet-pc---haipad-m1002.aspx)... See my post here: Buyer Beware! Superpad III, Flytouch 4 are NOT Flytouch 3 - Only Clones! It's quite confusing for consumers. And to be honest if your someone that knows nothing about tablets, and your comparing specifiactions which are exactly the same as the iBex tablets with the exception of the 16gb model, your going to purchase the cheaper one aren't you? I'm not supporting fake clones but i think at least if ************ is the main exclusive distributor for iBex tablets they shouldn't sell fake clones. If i was iBex i'd be really ticked off and doing something about it. Let them sell the other fake clones through other distributors like Alibaba and others etc...

Useability: With the stock ROM the SuperPad III's (clones) are not very useable but with the help of some of the firmware specialists on the Apad forums, they've developed custom ROMs that address every issue i've come across with my clone.

Lastly, this thread was started to assist those with clones that have fallen into purchasing a fake clone that are having problems, and hopefully through users of this threads knowledge we can all help each other. Which means talking and discussing about the issues we're having with all of our devices. In no way promoting fake clones but collaborating and helping each other.


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