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Very nice. Snappiest ROM yet (so fast!). Don't think I'll go back to Frunisher, barring any unforseen circumstance.

Report of my current experience:
When trying to use alternate themes having issues. Went to the MIUI, then tried to use the psuedoSENSE. The MIUI was never removed, then I started having FC issues.

I reflashed to see if i can get a clean start.

FC issues resolved.
Going to try theme again.

When using the seMIUI theme the "setting" button popup reverts to white, but has white text and is not readable.

reverting to stock to see if that clears out themeing. clock and calendar had some sort of FC while applying the stock theme.

applying stock theme does not seem to remove previous theme properly. trying cache and dalvic clear to see if that fixes it.

BTW- absolutely LOVE that this can now be done from the toolkit!

clearing the caches did not clear out the themeing. reflahing ROM, again.
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