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Default du requires busybox

Originally Posted by Psychv4 View Post
Alright so as far as the df command goes i got that and I see what youren talking about. Now can you explain what it is you do when you use a du command. when i type in "du" it comes up as "not found"
at that, my terminal emulator has SuperUser permissions but it still says a lot of what i try to access is denied
for instance if i type in /data it comes up as access denied.

All i really need though is a step by step if you can on how to freeze that file
  1. Determine if you have BusyBox. Use the command "type busybox". If the output is "busybox is /system/bin/busybox" or something like that, you have BusyBox. If the output is "busybox: not found", you need to install BusyBox. You probably have BusyBox if you have SuperUser capabilities.
  2. Once you have BusyBox installed, use "busybox du" to execute du. You might not need to use du right now.
  3. If you are getting "access denied" messages, you should probably run the "su" command which will cause you to become the superuser. Be careful about what you are doing as superuser. You can mess up your phone.
  4. First, you might want to assume that /data/local.prop and /data/local.prop.bak are the culprits. Do a "busybox ls -lh /data/local.prop*" to see how big /data/local.prop and /data/local.prop.bak are. If they are big (greater than 1024 bytes), they are probably the culprit.
  5. IF /data/local.prop AND /data/local.prop.bak ARE THE CULPRIT, then use some editor (I use "busybox vi", but you might not be familiar with vi) to delete anything that isn't a valid line in /data/local.prop. A valid line should be all ASCII and of the form "SomeName=SomeValue". You should delete /data/local.prop.bak and do a "busybox touch /data/local.prop.bak" and a "busybox chmod ugo-w /data/local.prop.bak" as superuser. The touch and chmod should prevent anyone from writing to /data/local.prop.bak.
  6. IF those files are NOT THE CULPRIT. You'll have to do your own digging with "busybox du". What I did was some du commands with the output redirected to a text file. I did the du right after a reset and a du when storage was getting low and did a comparison.
I hope this helps some.
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