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Default What makes people love android?

So my wife and I just got the Verizon Iphone 4 yesterday, and I am very excited with the phone, in large part because it actually let me get rid of my blackberry (i used to carry a pre, blackberry, and ipod touch at all times) but I am also just a huge fan of idevices (I love my touch 2g, and have probably never stayed this happy with any piece of tech for so long, and the ipad 2 is one of the best toys I've ever bought).

But when I tell people I got the phone, I get two very different reactions. Most people have said they are jealous and want one or are getting one, but a decent number of people have asked my why I got the iphone instead of an android phone. So far my answer has been that I wanted the work email integration, but truth be told, I'm not even sure that I understand the question. I had a coworker ask me if I felt bad that my phone was already "obsolete" because of better android hardware, but to me, better android hardware may make old android phones obsolete, if the older phones can't run new apps, but I don't see how it impacts the iphone at all.

From what I have seen of android phones, although the hardware is often fantastic, the operating system seems to be focused on things like widgets (which I don't understand the purpose of) instead of getting you into apps easily, and to me, that seems like the main (perhaps only) thing that your phone os should be doing. As far as the app store goes, to the best of my knowledge, android is catching up, but do people actually think it has outpaced the iphone app store in some way? Also, I don't really understand the appeal of these larger and larger screens, since they make the phones seem pretty large for pocketability.

I am NOT making this post to criticize android, I am just genuinely curious about why some people seem to feel it is inherently better (or even much better) than the iphone. So what is it that you love about android?
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