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The thing with Android is that choice is good.

You get a choice of handsets, in various price, performance, form factor and size ranges.

You get a choice as to how your phone looks and feels.

You get a choice to get apps straight from devs if you find that sort of thing and like it, no App Store required or jailbreaking required.


Android apps are different than iPhone apps. They tend to be small, compact, nimble and then use a common pool of system services from the underlying Linux OS.

Widgets - and look and feel - are important because they tend to come with the phone and let you optimize your phone for how you use it. Right now, you have screens of just apps. On one of our phones, it has six screens of large, super easy-to-use widgets, only one screen that looks like one of yours. Those widgets make for short work of common tasks. One is is live photo gallery, you can swipe through the stack of photos you've taken, another is a large people contact display, another is a month-at-a-glance calendar - that sort of thing.

Or - you can phones that look much the iPhone layout or configure yours that way if that's what you like.

Many of the functions you'll want in a phone are free with either widgets or apps, whereas those same functions are only had at additional cost through the App Store.

Neither Android nor the iPhone is a bad choice - their users are very happy with them, but with Android, you just get more choices.
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