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Originally Posted by Spacekungfuman View Post
That all makes sense, I guess the choices just aren't ones I'd make. I'm a big gamer, and don't even have a facebook or twitter account, so the thing I care about most on the phone (behind the work email) is the great selection of more "serious" games (not stuff like angry birds) and the thing that appeals to me the least is the social network integration of the widgets. I used to use windows mobile phones with htc skins, and the only widget i ever made use of was the weather. The calender, email, etc, i always found it more convenient to use the full screen version.

As far as the choice of hardware goes, do you really have one though? It seems to me like the phones with the good specs are all the huge screen ones now, and noone seems to make a good quality phone with a less tha 4 inch screen.
I'm not a gamer, but I've heard nothing but good things on games on the iPhone. When you design for a large audience with one screen/form factor/hardware, like they do for the iP4, they can concentrate on getting the most out of the platform, and from what I've read, Apple makes it easier for devs to do that.

That said - the Sony Experia Play might be of interest to you:

Introducing Xperia PLAY - the world's first PlayStation certified smartphone | Sony Ericsson

Or - you can break out of the whole game-on-phone thing and consider HTC OnLive -

YouTube - [MWC11] OnLive Provides Cloud Gaming on HTC Flyer

That's kinda new to HTC, so I don't know more about it.

True that the higher-performance phones seem more geared towards 4" and above - but as a pocket carry, neither my daughter nor I found a big woop difference between carrying my Evo vs. carrying her iP4 - so, the importance of that is all subjective, in my opinion, so I won't presume to advise.
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