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It's not necessarily a matter of loving Android as much as appreciating customization and functionality.

Prior to my Android devices I had a Treo 700P, then a windows mobile device, both of which were more customizable than the iPhone. The WM device (Omnia) also did BT voice dialing which at the time Android couldn't do either.

I don't want my home screen cluttered with icons. Every time a friend with an iPhone wants to show me something, their home screen looks like my app drawer, it's just cluttered and annoying to see them flip through pages and pages of icons.

I like live wallpapers (no functional purpose, just eye candy).

I like being able to see my upcoming appointments in my calendar widget without having to open the app, same with reading the news headlines, and seeing the weather, and I could do the same with my text messages and emails if I chose to do so.

I like being able to install apps not from the market, and we don't have to be rooted (jail broken) to do it.

The iPhone is no longer the piece of junk it once was (back when it couldn't cut/paste, mms, record video), it has come a long way, but it is still too locked down with regard to customizations, and I like the freedom.
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