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Originally Posted by Spacekungfuman View Post
The only problem I see is that it doesn't make it as easy to get to apps, and you have to swipe through multiple screens, vs just clicking the weather channel app on the home screen.
Not exactly. You have multiple avenues to launch apps. in its simplest form, the Android app drawer is the iPhone grid-of-icons. It's just one touch away, rather than always (and only) displayed. Most widgets that are a synopsis of an apps pertinent information will launch the app by touching it. You can also setup folders of shortcuts or place those shortcuts right on the home screen. When you get into custom launchers like LauncherPro or ADW, then the possibilities are greatly expanded.

I'm not saying one way is better than the other, its just tradeoffs. Also, can't it leave you forever tweaking them? On my old windows mobile phones, I used to spend more time playing with the interface than using the phone! That was why i moved to the pre, which I liked a lot, although it did not have enough apps.
Sure it can, but remember that many people love to tinker. But, once you get familiar with the apps you use regularly and how you use them, there's little need to touch it. It is nice, though as the seasons change to adjust it from one season tot he next (and I am referring to the important seasons, like baseball and football).

Now that my nook color has an app store, maybe I'll have more of a chance to experience android and feel it out. But its nice to hear some concrete reasons for people liking it instead of just "It's open" or "you can pirate the apps" which are the two things I hear the most irl.
Please don't judge Android with what Barnes & Noble is doing. While I have a Nook Color, it was rooted with eclair (2.1) and was much more of a tablet experience that the FroYo update with their pathetic app store. Most of the apps that are normally free are there for sometimes overly high fees. There are very few free apps at all. The good folks over at the nook dev site will have 2.2 rooted in no time. Then you can have access to the market. If you are so inclined, you can even try Honeycomb on your nook with no impact whatsoever. The Nook Color will look at the SD card first for an OS so you can load a Honeycomb ROM on the SD card and it will boot without effecting the stock OS. When you're done checking it out, you just shut off the Nook, remove the SD card and reboot. You're right back to the stock Nook.
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