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Originally Posted by Spacekungfuman View Post
Thanks for the helpful post. I especially appreciate that you did not have a facebook widget (it seems to me like that's all people tend to care about, and social networks just don't appeal to me).

I can definitely see the appeal in some of those, especially the power strip widget. The only problem I see is that it doesn't make it as easy to get to apps, and you have to swipe through multiple screens, vs just clicking the weather channel app on the home screen. I'm not saying one way is better than the other, its just tradeoffs. Also, can't it leave you forever tweaking them? On my old windows mobile phones, I used to spend more time playing with the interface than using the phone! That was why i moved to the pre, which I liked a lot, although it did not have enough apps.
I actually do use FriendStream which combines facebook & twitter, but I omitted that since I knew you wouldn't find that useful .

As far as having widgets making it harder to get to apps, here is my main homescreen:

Those folders hold my most used/needed apps, so I can get to them in 2 clicks. That weather widget is actually pretty helpful too. When you click into it, it gives you a full desktop mode where you can access alarms, clocks (world clock, stopwatch, etc) & a few other features.

As far as constantly tweaking goes, when you set up a widget, most of the time you go through a "wizard" that sets your preferences (look, update frequency, font selector, etc). After I do that once & set it up how I like, I rarely change it.
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