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Originally Posted by Spacekungfuman View Post
I'm an attorney, and we're subject to all kinds of data privacy rules, and android's exchange implementaiton cannot accept all of the exchange rules we impose. They also have to certify individual devices before they're given access, and the last I checked, only the Droid Pro was even in the certification pipeline. The Verizon Iphone was just approved last week (which why I got it this weekend ).
Well, that's case closed, isn't it counselor?

Srsly, tho - I'm conservative when it comes to my business, so I can relate that way.

Best to enjoy your iP4, and see what next year brings with the iP5 (or even iP6 by end of 2012) and the other offerings breaking out.

Everyone is going dual- and soon quad-core, everyone is upping their graphics game, everyone is upping their bandwidth - so, until such a time as you want to carry a second phone, or the right Android for you gets that certification you require, you're always welcome around here.

Meanwhile - what lunatic said on the nook - that's the deal.
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