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Originally Posted by Spacekungfuman View Post
Thanks. I guess I was just taken aback by having some android fans react so negatively to my getting the iphone (I would certainly never do that to anyone no matter what they bought!) and was wondering what about android could have possibly motivated such over the top reactions. One person just stood around saying "see, i can run this app, and its better than ios, and i can run this app and its better than ios" (imo, none of them were better than the ios equivalents, and they were all illegal apps anyway) and another person asked me if I "felt bad about buying something that is obsolete because of more powerful android phones." But now I am confident in saying they're just fanboys and jerks, and will leave it at that
Yeah, sadly some people define themselves by buying things.

You can't buy cool (tell any you meet I'll rent them some, tho! ).

And far as I'm concerned, the ones running pirated apps pretty much self-qualify themselves as losers, the end.

You'll find these types in both camps, it's part of the human condition, not an Apple or Android one.

Now I want to try honeycomb on my nook to see how it compares to my ipad
Well, see - there you go! You got extra for being curious!
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