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My only experience with Apple is an Ipod Touch. Had that before I got my Android phone, and was really impressed with the way it 'just worked' and flowed.
Now I've got an HTC Desire, which is set up with my own widgets, folders and apps, linked back to my Google account so when I change my phone - all I need to do is enter my gmail password and all my contacts, emails, texts etc. will load on. Really gone off Itunes in a big way now - it just seems so old fashioned and a really clunky way of doing things. Why should I have to plug a phone into a computer?
Now I have live information on my home screens. It is not hard to get simple, elegant widgets which you can interact with without opening apps. A good example is a small icon sized widget on my homescreen which shows how much of my monthly data quota I've used. I've also got a calender with a transparent background so you can see the wallpaper behind through it. The grid of icons for the iPhone which you need to keep swiping through just looks dull.
This level of interactivity with the screen/ information and data does feel like the way forward, and I wouldn't be surprised if some form of interactive screen/ widget ability appears on the next version of the iPhone.
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