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I'll be honest and say I've been exceptionally sceptical about these supposed 1800mAh batteries and obostore since day 1.

I did a bit of digging over at xda and the guys there don't have particularly nice things to say about obostore or higher capacity batteries in general.

Andida 1800MhA Ace Battery - xda-developers - xda-developers

xda-developers - Search Results

There's also an interesting test from a guy called pittas from the first thread.

mailrooman states it was 75% when he initially stuck it in the phone. Lithium Ion batteries are supposed to be stored at around 40%. tl:dr version -

Equally stressful is leaving a battery in a hot car, especially if exposed to the sun. When not in use, store the battery in a cool place. For long-term storage, manufacturers recommend a 40 percent charge. This allows for some self-discharge while still retaining sufficient charge to keep the protection circuit active. Finding the ideal state-of-charge is not easy; this would require a discharge unit with an appropriate cut-off. Users should not worry too much about the state-of-charge; a cool and dry place is more important.
Who knows how long these batteries have been sitting on a shelf for? It also states a cool, dry environment is better, but I seriously doubt they've been stored correctly (although I have no basis on which to base this on other than my gut instinct).

They are also bigger than the stock battery apparently, I've already voiced my concerns about this.

I ordered on Tuesday night/Wednesday AM, and promptly received an email thanking me for my order and that payment was successful. I'd not received shipping confirmation by Sunday so I emailed asking if they could give me an estimate. I'm not interested in how long it takes to get here, I just wanted to know it was on its way. The automated response stated they would get back to me in 24 or 48 hours, they have 2 hours to meet this SLA at which point I'll email again, giving them 24 hours to respond or I'll ask for my money back.

It's only 6, but I outright refuse to be ripped off by scammers who use seemingly false advertising to make money.

I have other thoughts about this, but I'll probably get banned/infracted for voicing them publicly
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