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OK, I wanted to post this a few days ago in the other thread, but it's kind of disappointing so here it goes ... take it for what it's worth.

A friend works at a Verizon Corp. store. Not sure of his title, he's higher than the average Joe but he's not a manager. He has worked there for years.

I asked about any new phones coming out soon (other than the Palm and Moto stuff) and he said the only phone he's heard about is N1 (Google phone). I asked if he'd heard about anything else ... Bravo/Incredible ... and he said no. Not training, no pricing, nothing.

I then asked if it's possible that there's something coming in the next few weeks or early Feb. that he doesn't know about or hasn't heard of and he said yes, that's a possibility.

He follows the scene, he knows of all the rumors and talk out there. He has heard nothing other than the Nexus One coming in the spring.

So, in a nutshell, he couldn't confirm anything, but I assure you. If he knew anything, he'd have said something. I have full trust in that and I honestly believe he knows nothing of any phone coming to Verizon soon.

This is what this thread's about, sorry for the not so good news, but you asked and this is what I've heard from a trusted source.

FWIW: He's also heard nothing of the iPhone coming either.
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