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Originally Posted by lordofthereef View Post
I am still worried about the competition. WoW has become something that I don't think anyone ever dreamed it would be. Subscriber base continues to grow with every expansion. This new game HAS to be appealing to the non-hardcore players, or it will fail. I am not talking not be on top (I think it would taking somewhat of a miracle to topple WoW), I am talking staying viable. Look at everything outside of WoW. It all ends up taking the path of free to play with microtransactions keeping the game afloat.
The problem is that everyone that plays/played WoW ends up using it as a comparison tool when trying a new game. More often than not you'll hear that X game sucks and WoW is better because it's more polished. They don't care that WoW has had 7 years to polish their game while game X is brand new. I often think that people go out of their way to find something wrong with a new launch just because it's new. People fail to realize that not having 12 million subscribers doesn't mean that the game sucks.
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