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Originally Posted by John58543 View Post
Damnit, just when I find a phone I want I wind up hearing things to talk me out of it again...Wanted the Incredible 2, talked myself out of it to wait for this. What is the deal with phone manufacturers holding back and putting out mediocre stuff?! Frustrating to say the least. I really like the I figured even with the slight upgrades on the DX2 it would satisfy me. Guess I'll have to wait and see.
Worry not. We're all in wait and see mode. Do we know for sure whether it will be pentile or not? No. Do we know whether it will have an encrypted bootloader or not? No. It may not have either one of those negative points. Unfortunately, the answer to "Will it release on May 12th?" is likely 'no' ... but we hope not! It would be nice of some of these speculated release dates turned out to be true.

I wish they would just say, "The release date will be May 27th" or something like that. Put it out far enough that you'll be absolutely sure it will be ready by then. Then, just release it either on time, or when it's ready. Imagine the satisfaction rates if a phone was released early.

I think it's absolutely shameful that they can give Apple and their fans an extremely firm release date, well in advance, multiple pre-order options, trade in credit for recently purchased smartphones from competitors (up to $200!!), and then release that phone ON TIME, and yet they can't even give a simple release date for other high end devices, some with even more high end hardware in them than the iPhone???

Berizon is one screwed up company these days.
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