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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
Have there been any reports about battery life published for this phone yet?
None yet.

Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
Handicapping the phone by disabling features or bump charging is not an acceptable answer to the problem.
Agreed to the bump charging. Disabling features that you never plan to use much is fair game to me, and doesn't count as handicapping the phone.

I have a toggle to disable/enable 3G. At home and work, I have wifi, which is a battery sipper. 3G is a big drain for me (as it is with any other phone), so I toggle it off unless I need to check email or surf outside of the home or office. That alone improves battery life a TON. Because let's say your phone is poorly configured, and crap you don't need are still syncing... they can't sync if 3G is off. And on wifi, the sync happens with much greater power efficiency.

Stuff like facebook, friendstream widget, news and stocks, Gtalk app, etc are all enabled out of the box. I use none of them, so I turned them all off. I keep things signed off unless I need them.

Without root, my phone battery would drain about 1% an hour on standby after I disabled stuff I didn't want. No task killing. After rooting and some more configuration, I get 0.25% drain every hour on standby.

Battery life can be excellent on the Evo. You just need to do a little homework.

Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
my use patterns (heavy texting, moderate web use, light phone use)
Texting doesn't use 3G or wifi, so you can disable both of those radios when you're primarily texting. Huge battery saver. For phone use, you're at the mercy of your signal strength, and this battery drain is pretty phone-independent. Poor reception will drain the battery of any phone. Moderate web surfing... turn on 3G when you need to surf; turn it off when you're done. Try to use wifi hotspots as much as possible.

Based on your usage pattern, most of your battery drain will come from radio use, not CPU. So with a little radio management, you can get awesome battery life. This is true for any phone.

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