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Default re Best Android media player?

Seems to me that all of the media players for android are primitive so far, problems with supporting the different file formats in same player (AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA, MP3) user GUI's are incomplete and the quality of playback inconsistent app to app. Will share my experience so far with this qualifier... I care about the fidelity of the playback which is why my favorite PC music app is Foobar2000. I do see potential in Android for 2 basic reasons, processor power and most importantly battery power. I do not use an iPod/Touch for 1 basic reason; the music is compressed for dynamic range as a way to conserve file space and battery power duration...boring is the gentlest word I can use for this. My android phone doesn't have the digital fidelity of an iPod but the dynamic range is much better/more exciting.

So stack ranked based on what I've seen as of 1/14/10

1. LukLuk - best audio playback so far. Interface is awful for searching stored music, flat file structure, no album artwork. Supports MP3 and WMA
Screen controls hidden when playing music (probably because its primary mission is video)
2. Music- default android phone app is reasonably good, musicly engaging but not as detailed in reproducing music as LukLuk. Interface is good with artist, album, song, and playlist. Does not have album art search feature. Supports MP3, WMA
3. Mix Zng lite - musically ok, some anomalies but not intrusive. Better interface than Music, adds Genres and video for options, object oriented display, supports MP3. Able to find album artwork as you play songs.
4. Meridan player- musically unpalatable, altered tone balance and loss of background sounds. Didn't get past this to play with the interface or formats supported.

I'm sure there are others out there but the android site itself is user unfriendly for trying to inventory whats on the site.... stupid that they won't let you at least see the inventory and descriptions from a PC. Will keep watching for newer apps.
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