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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
Without using the phone *at all*, my Evo would be at around 80% by lunchtime. This is with GPS/WiFi enabled but 4G disabled. Stock phone, no task-killers, no modifications to default settings.

I haven't used my iPhone today for anything other than send 4 text messages. I'm at 94% battery life and it's 4pm.

I simply cannot conceive how one could possibly compare the battery management. It's night and day difference. But if you all are having this much good luck with rooted Evos, maybe I should look into going that route if I get the Evo 3D.
There are so many factors in determining battery life so really and truly results can very by quite a bit. Most of my immediate family have iphones and it seems like my oldest brother phone will last all day with no issues but at the same time my sisters wont last half the day no matter what she is doing. Me personally my phone is rooted with a custom kernel and with moderate use(150 texts/mms, 10 emails, 1.5hrs in calls, 30minutes web browsing) I can easily get 12 hours and still have 30% left. I do use a task killer but I actually set to ignore just about everything except a few specific apps. On the other hand my girlfriend also has an evo but its fully stock with no task killer at all and using her phone in a similar way she gets similar results as I do. So like I said there are way to many factors.
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