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Originally Posted by mailroomman View Post
And no I don't work for obostore as a it was asked not so long ago . Just to clear that up .
That was me and it was meant entirely in jest, please don't think I was being serious.

Mine arrived today and whilst not appearing to be bigger, it doesn't sit right in the handset. See below.

Stock -

Sorry for the crap pictures, but the combination of my camera skills & digital camera makes for really bad close up shots. Those were both taken with the phone on it's side and against a wall, supported on a flat surface so you can see it's at an angle. I can't actually get the battery cover on at the moment, but I'm sure it will go on eventually. It's a bit difficult to mess about with the phone when I have a little boy who thinks it's a toy and is trying to "help" put the battery in so I'll have a proper go when he goes to bed. The packaging is certainly more professional than some of the other batteries I've purchased on ebay/amazon.

mailroomman, please don't take my scepticism personally, I've bought 4-5 supposedly higher capacity batteries based on reviews/feedback and each time, I've returned to the stock battery. After time, the replacements just do not cut the mustard. I've friends with similar stories. Hence the reason I'm more than a little doubtful.

I, and I'm sure others will echo my sentiments, am thankful for the suggestion/link, and will hold you in no way responsible if these turn out the same as all the others. All you've done is try to help.
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