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Originally Posted by Stepitup View Post
People who upgrade to the HTC EVO 3D from the HTC EVO 4G will say their battery life is outstanding compared to the EVO 4G. Why? Well, the HTC EVO 3D will sport a 1730 mah battery. If HTC would have put a 1750 mah battery into the HTC EVO 4G, people would not complain about battery life ever. I have a 1750 mah battery in my EVO and that sized battery should have came with the phone from the beginning. Had the battery since the launch of the EVO and I never need to use a spare and that battery doesn't require a special backing for the phone. But like I said, people will think the battery on the EVO 3D is outstanding but that will be a result of HTC placing a larger battery into the EVO 3D.

I don't know about this. Thats like comparing the taste of pepsi and diet pepsi. The EVO has a gen1 snapdragon and the EVO3d is going to have a 1.2 dual core. Yes I am hoping battery life is better, but with a dual core phone, it might be the same or worse. Either way I am getting this phone.
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