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im hoping i can provide you with a pretty good opinion, considering i've had the original incredible and the samsung galaxy s (fascinate)

the inc. was an awesome phone, and after having a couple HTC phones (running on sense UI) i don't think i will find a user interface i like better.

i like the look of touchwiz (galaxy s UI) a little more than sense but it was horribly laggy (not as much after rooting) and full of little bugs. My galaxy S has had multiple hardware and signal issues that have driven me crazy, before and after rooting it. also the build quality (specifically the battery cover) is significantly lesser on the galaxy S.

There are also a few things about the placement certain things (screen lock, charging port) on the GS i don't care for either. Overall, i thought (notice this was MY OPINION, not stating a "fact") that the incredible was a much better phone. This doesn't go for everyone, as many people love the fascinate, just as there are people who hated the incredible. One thing about samsung that IS a fact is how horrible their software update timing is. The fascinate just got 2.2 a few weeks ago. about 4 months after the LG ALLY for christ sakes... what a joke!

Notice ive mostly reviewed the galaxy s and only the UI of sense, because i've never had the Incredible S, therefore I'm unable to provide an honest opinion of it. I can, however, tell you that HTC Sense is awesome IMO and HTC seems to make phones with fantastic build quality. I LOVED that incredible, and if i would've known i would have this many problems with my fascinate I never would have gotten rid of it.

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