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Alright, here is my take on the processor discussion. Sure, 150 more megahertz would make it a little faster, I'm sure. But think of it this way... Why would they under clock the Snapdragon processor? Just to punish us all and be mean? No. If it's true that the processor is only going to be running at 850 megahertz, it's because it makes the battery life last SO much longer without really effecting the performance of the phone. I'd take much better battery performance ANY DAY over 150 megahertz so that the phone can run live background wallpapers that I'm never going to even be using anyways.

Worst comes to worst and you just HAVE to have a full 1ghz...I'm sure this phone will be rootable and you can root it and up the processor speed via software or something. Right? Or am I wrong on that one.

Regardless, this phone sounds great to me. As long as it runs Android 2.1 and Sense UI smooth as butter and has a 3.7 inch screen...well...count me in. That's all I was really wanting. I LOVED the Eris when I played with it a couple months ago or so, I just wanted a bigger and faster version of the same phone. It looks like that's what they're kinda gonna be giving us. I'm excited.
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