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Originally Posted by DanClare View Post
can you crop just subzero and make it fit the evo? i cant figure out the evo screen size in pixels. if you could also tell me how to resize it to fit the evo on my own i won't have to bother you lol. thanks alot

Ok, here's my best shot at explaining what I think is the easiest way to size wallpapers. First, read how I described it to someone else -

Ok, here's the easiest way (I think) to do what you want. For your phone a wallpaper should ideally be 960wx800h. For a single screen 480x800.

Lets use this pic as a test run of what I do. Save this -

Ok - Now go to .: Sumo Paint 3.5 :. (This is the online image editor I like best).

Go to > file > open from my computer, and find and select the above jpeg. This will not be in the correct size, obviously. Now go to the image menu > image size. Since it's clear that you will have excess width, let's not worry about that yet. Check the "constrain proportions" box, and set the height from 768 to 800. This will change the image size from 1024x768 to 1066x800, the correct height for your phone. From here, you could start cropping width to try to get it to the right size, but a much easier way is to go to the select menu, select all, then the edit menu and copy. Now go to the file menu and hit new image and in the box that pops up set the width to 960 and the height to 800. Next go to edit > paste, and your done. To save use the file menu the save to my computer and save as jpeg or png.

I know this sounds like a lot, but trust me, it's much easier that it was to describe. If you need any further clarification, just let me know.
OK, got it? Here's step by step how I did yours. First I found a larger, hi-res version to work with so it would look less pixelated. Here's the one I used -

Next I opened Sumo, hit "Open from URL" and pasted the image address. So now I have a 1280x1024 image to work with. The ideal size for your phone is 960x800, so I go to the Image menu,select Image size and make sure "constrain proportions" and "smoothing" are checked. Now I'll want to change the size of either the height or width, whichever one results in leaving extra on the other. Doing this lets me crop as little as possible without distorting the image. In this case, I'll change the height to 800 giving me a new size of 1000x800. Correct height, but still too wide.

For the next step, go to the "Select" menu and hit select all. Now go to the "Edit" menu and hit copy. Next go to the "File" menu and open a new image sized at 960x800. Now go to the "Edit" menu and hit paste. You can move the image around a little side to side to center the part you want. And there you have it, ready to save (in the File menu) as a .PNG or .JPG.

Here's my final result from the above steps. Hope all this helps!
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