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This legality talk has really got me upset. Something needs to be done about the fact that you can't record someone without their knowledge. I've got a cousin who is being verbally harrased by her ex. This guys is a control freak and the worst part is he's tormenting their kids as well. They've been divorced 3 years and he will not leave her alone. It's constant calling and txting. The one positive is she's able to print off the txts and emails. He's basically stalking her and when she doesn't cow tail to what he says, he takes it out on the kids when it's HIS weekend. We've been trying to find an app for her new Droid and now I see why we may never find one. I'm sick of LAWS protecting THUGS like him. For all the people who've been tormented like her and eventually killed there should be an exception. If you can get verbal proof via a phone recording it should NOT be illegal. I guess I need to get a LAW passed for this!!! Will let you all know how that works out.
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