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Originally Posted by markanderin View Post
I've been following threads and news on the HTC Passion / Incredible / Bravo ...or whatever for a while. Like a lot of people, very interested in the specs and when it might launch on Verizon.

I would love to think it will be soon. Problem is Nexus One and the fact that N1 is being promoted and is actually promised "Spring 2010".

Unfortunately, the two phones seem way too similar for Verizon to put out at virtually the same time. Since N1 is actually out there with concrete confirmation that it is coming in Spring - i just can't see how Passion (et al) can be launched on Verizon at the same time. Not enough has leaked to make me think it will be early February - then you have spring - which puts it at June at the earliest.
This has been what I've been thinking all along as well. I know we're trying to stay positive, but it's something to consider. Now, my other thought is that the Nexus One technically will no longer be a "new phone" persay when it's set to launch on Verizon (spring). Meaning that possibly, the Incredible / Bravo / Passion / whatever could be released within the same time period as Verizon's new bad ass phone, while the Nexus One will be another very good performance option, but not new in the sense that it has already been out on T-Mobile. Could be either way, or something totally different.

That CoolIris photo viewer looks pretty cool, apparently they're supporting the Nexus One as they have a picture of it running the program on the main site. Back to the Incredible though... I'm in agreement with those not liking the 850 mhz idea. I'm not even super tech savvy, just know a little bit, but I tend to get hung up on specs sometimes, and if I know there's a better processor option available (Nexus One in this case), I'll probably end up going that direction. I would have to see side by side comparisons proving the Incredible performed nearly as good or better than the Nexus if I was to change my mind. We'll see though, obviously all of this is still unofficial and we don't know the final specs, not to mention the leaked roadmap did say 1ghz.

I still very much like the idea of more easy support available for a phone that is actually in the stores. This is why I'm hoping Verizon and Google will agree to allow the stores to offer support and carry the N1, not just Google. If they don't though, this could be another factor that plays into my decision if both phones are available and both very similar. The thing with people saying phones running Sense take forever to get Android Upgrades also is something I'm considering. Many things to think about with the Multi-Touch debacle, support or lack there of, processor speeds, overall operating system differences with Sense, etc...
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