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Originally Posted by helicooper View Post
Verizon could launch them both in the same time period because they have absolutely no stock in the N1. Who cares if they offer a similar phone and people buy it over the N1. They are still going to buy it and still going to use THEIR service. It would make much less sense for them to offer a phone through a 3rd party (google) and then 3 months later offer their own version of a very similar phone.

Aso someone already said with the Pre+ and Pixi+ they are now very similar phones. Pixi is still a little lighter of a version but not by as large of a margain.

yes exactly, i agree. and i actually think it would be a good thing to do. look at all the criticism on how google is undercutting there competition selling there own phone that is faster then what everyone else has to date. google is saying there not trying to do that. just providing another means to buy the phones cross different providers. verizon selling the incredible and google, letting them sell it at the same time as the nexus one proves that they are not out to under cut the cell companies. you think google will be pissed if someone is buying another phone using there software? the company is still getting its name out there no matter what still a win
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