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Originally Posted by Timanator View Post
Just received my Nexus S yesterday, so far not too impressed.

The phone feels far less substantial than the Hero. The back cover feels cheap, the way the battery fits have no definite snap to let you know it is in place. The Activation process was odd, had to change a plan even though it looks basically the same(But was forced to change anyways by Sprint). So it's the same price and same options but I'm sure there is new finer points thrown in by the legal team.

The camera is almost as good as the iPhone 4. It takes close up pictures much better than most Android based phones. The only issue is it does not take consistent good pictures like the iPhone 4. The video camcorder is very good.

The OS is very vanilla(Read crippled). Multiple issues here with the factory software here:

1. No icon for Youtube even though it says installed.
2. When I added my google account it lost some of my contacts? huh?
3. No time/weather widgget like what we see on 90% of the droid.
4. screen sensitivity is very odd. had to reboot several times when it just stopped workign but kept opening windows on it's own.

Over all I'm not very impressed with the product. The charging cable is proprietary(Sucks!), the wireless tethering is supposedly crippled to 3g only. That plus the phone just dont feel very solid means I have a few weeks to decide on anotehr device.
What plan were you on when you had the Hero? It should have been the everything data plan, which is the exact same plan needed for the Nexus, plus the $10 prem.

The OS is vanilla because this is GOOGLES NEXUS phone, which doesn't have carrier bloatware and does not have a custom UI.

1. Theres an icon for mine. update the youtube app in the market
2. If you lost a couple contacts then those contacts were not synced with google.
3. There is a clock widget, as well as a weather/news widget. The clock/weather combo widget is a SENSE widget, not a vanilla android widget. Download Beautiful Widgets if you want something similar.
4. No issues on mine.
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