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Hey ViberMedia,

Thanks for dropping by the forums to answer people's questions.

I do have one question and I'd like to get your angle on it:

Why is Viber superior to Skype right now? I'm sure after Beta, you probably have big plans for future development but I'd like to hear your arguments for Viber's superiority in the short-term.

I've heard good things about Viber but I'm not entirely sure if I see huge benefits of it over Skype or vice versa at this point. The bulk of people I know don't necessarily have smartphones that I can actually call them over Wifi and for those that do, I'm not necessarily going to run a one-man marketing campaign for them to get Viber or any other app.

For the moment, I'm stuck in a long-term contract with a relatively decent amount of minutes so calling people nationally is not really an issue. The main reason I use Skype at the moment is for calling people abroad (my minute don't allow international calls) and that it has the benefit of being able to call both their phone and their PC which I believe Viber doesn't do. Skype obviously also has the benefit of being a much more established medium though as is the case with many propietary and closed source companies, that isn't always a good thing.

I hope you can reply when you get a chance. That being said, I'm going to sign up as a Beta tester anyway :P
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