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Originally Posted by Salt Slasher View Post
I am wondering what is in store for the cool people who got xoom??

I just found out about ice cream sandwich, and it seems to be the update we have been waiting for!

I wanted to know what is the future outlook for xoom owners and what should we expect?? I ask this cause people are telling me that xoom isn't being the best sold product cause it is lacking things that it should have from day one!

I am just hoping we are going to see a wave of great apps that match/beat all of the top apple store apps. I personally love honeycomb, and I am sure when ice cream sandwich comes to xoom I will love it even more.

From what I can tell honeycomb will be a way for developers to start making great apps, that will later be ported to ice cream sandwich so when its in its release they have a bunch of great apps from the beginning!
I don't know that we will see Ice Cream Sandwich, but I am looking forward to all of the Tegra games coming out in the next couple of months. Galaxy on Fire 2 looks great, as well as the jet ski game (can't remember what it is called) that reminds me of Wave Race 64. Also, I am really looking forward to a Netflix app, if it ever comes.
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