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CPU performance? No, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, they are that close.
Depends on the task, but you are correct in that the difference won't be noticeable in most cases. However, in the few cases that are noticeable, the Incredible S wins.

The Incredible does have more memory but the only applications that wiil use large amounts of memory are games, which will run faster on the Galaxy S anyway.
Tell that to users of QuickOffice

Also, I doubt the Incredible will actually have 768MB usable, a large portion is reserved for the Android OS, just like on the Galaxy S.
While a chunk is always used, more memory is more memory. Keep in mind that the Galaxy S only has 384MB of system RAM, of which 320-304MB is usable. The original Incredible has 512MB, of which 440-480MB is usable. The Incredible 2/S has 768MB, of which over 700MB is usable.

For gaming, the Galaxy S wins, and the difference is appreciable if you are running truly high end games (IE, games running the Unreal engine, of which there are currently few. I'm only aware of one). For typical gaming, productivity, and phone use, the Incredible S is more future proof, but actual performance differences today are negligible between the two phones.
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