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Originally Posted by apinkel View Post
Battery life is an important aspect to any smartphone for me... I understand this isn't a flipphone but I need to be able to make it thru a day without having to charge the phone. I don't have the luxury of being around an outlet or sitting in a car all the time.

And I hope those mfr's specs on battery life are correct (more than double the Evo 4g)... but I'll be waiting for some real world reports.
I have to question you because if you are not around an outlet and you don't have the time to top your battery off in the car on your way to work, during the lunch drive, or on your way home then what are you doing at work all day? So you are playing on your phone all day long at work? If not, then the battery will last for way more than a day. Can I have your job? I'm sorry, but if anyone phone is draining and you barely use the thing then you configured your apps wrong. My phone will sit in idle mode and drain battery power very slowly and I'm not even rooted. If I'm using the navigation system on the phone I have my phone plugged into my car charger. Everyone knows the GPS takes a bite out of the battery.
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