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Default cant install apps on charm

Whatever you have mentioned is totally true... i agree....
but what to do with this phone...i just cannot install any application on it..
plzz help

Originally Posted by kkunal.dld View Post
Whenever I buy a phone I research for it. But this was the phone I went krazy for. I saw Moto Charm and just fell for this phones charm.
Let me tell you why would I not recommend you this phone:
  1. Very poor battery life, will hardly survive till 7 hours on normal use (I'm using it!)
  2. Non-response of touchscreen. Example:- I've enable passcode for phone security so that whenever phone light goes off, phone should ask for passcode to ON it again. But this is not the case most of the time my phone doesnot get lock even after screenout time.
  3. Touchscreen doesnot work at times
  4. You can't send audio files (songs) via bluetooth, you will have to download a 3rd party app
  5. no option to disable mobile data, I had to download "quick settings" app for this.
  6. Android 2.1 is old now. It has android 2.1 and I don't think motorola is going to update is sooner or later.
  7. Because it has android 2.1, you will run short of internal memory to download apps. I could download only few apps because there is no option to move apps to SD in 2.1 and for this I don't wanna use any 3rd party app.
  8. IF this phone is all dependent on 3rd party apps. Than why should one go for it?
This is the cons of this phone. But this phone also has some pros:
  1. a charming look
  2. comfortable keypads
  3. gorilla screen, lets you care free when comes to screen protection
  4. optical trackpad
  5. moto blur
But infront of cons, pros will not satisfy you.
I would recommend you for this phone especially for it's poor battery.
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